To work with passion and aggressiveness in order to achieve excellent products and services that may satisfy our clients through innovation, development of our human capital and resource optimization so we can establish solid and lasting business relationships.



To be a national leader in nutritional solutions as well as to have international influence in all the supply chain, exceeding the expectations of our clients and shareholders.




We make sure we are still the most reliable peanut supplier and
tha we continue offering high quality and value products.


GALDISA, faces his activity as a great daily challenge, within which is offering safe food products throughout its production and marketing chain in order to ensure a high level of protection for the health of our consumers, with an improvement to the requirements of the standards and regulations applicable to the products offered.

Each and every one of the partners GALDISA our responsibility to show our commitment to this Policy and to maintain an attitude of transparency and fluid communication to ensure control of hazards in the whole chain strengthen safety system through continuous improvement, keeping us at the forefront of safety standards.

We always seek the satisfaction of customers, to generate narrow and long term client relationships and projects.

In GALDISA, quality is the meet and fully satisfy the requirements of our internal and external customers, convinced that continuous improvement is a key tool for personal and business success.

51 years ago, in the year of 1960, on the initiative of Mr. Antonio Galindo Verdura began a story of hard work later became a thriving business marketing peanuts, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts and dried fruits in the ancient "Merced ", the center's largest food market (at the time) in Mexico City.

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